Getting started with Enterprise

What it is and how you can start using it

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What is Enterprise?

This product offers the core technology of while adding multiple features that are key for Enterprise customers. Among these functionalities, you may find: 

Multiple deployment options Enterprise can be deployed in any of the following models:

  • On-premise

  • Private cloud

  • Single-tenant: managed by us in a dedicated instance

Deploying in a custom environment allows it to scale the processing power of our Intents engine, as well as the APIs throughput.

Create a custom dashboard using the Intents extracted by the classifier. These dashboards allows you to define KPIs and gather insights.

For example, it helps you automate speech analytics to:

  • Detect emerging customer problems: automated based on your conversations 

  • Increase sales: automatically surface patterns in conversations from the top performing agents, then replicate the strategy

  • Audit call center calls

Classification API

The Enterprise classification API endpoint will be available at:


You can learn more about the API here or check the docs here.

Team management and role based access control
Invite users and choose who can see what by creating and assigning teams.  

How can I start using Enterprise?

You can request a demo here

If are already a customer, check the installation instructions.

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