When you are filtering and trying to find intents to include in tags by looking for a keyword or replicating an existing tag, you may find yourself in a situation when an intent is not enough. Intents may not represent the exact logical rule you are looking for, so you may need to combine them.  

For example, let's say you have a tag for account charges errors for customers that have a discount.

In the table you’ll see account->charge as very frequent but also get->discount

Account+charge may not be enough then to filter for this case, so you may combine it with  "get->discount" using an AND rule  This can be done inside the tag by clicking on top of it to edit.

*Same can happen with negation rules. If you wanted everything related to account charges except for discounts, you can filter it by intents or even by keywords.

Negative keywords work well in language because you are eliminating a particular concept you don’t want (in the example before you could add the word “discount”).

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