When you are filtering and trying to find Concepts to include in tags, you may find yourself in a situation where using one Concept alone is not enough. Therefore, you may need to combine more than one Concept together to get the exact logical rule you want.

For example, let's say you have a tag for account closures where customers are requesting to close their account.

In the table, you’ll see "account+close" as very frequent but you'll also get "card" as a frequent Concept as well.

Using the "account+close" Concept may not be enough to filter for specific card account closures, so you may need to combine it with  "card" using an AND rule. This can be done inside the tag by clicking on the three dots to edit it.

*This can also be done with the negation rule (NOT) if you wanted the tag to capture everything related to account closures except for cards. Keywords and Concepts can be added to this rule.

Negating keywords work well in Lang because you are eliminating a particular Concept you don’t want (in the example before you could also add the keyword “card”).

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