How are Salesforce cases updated?

How to update Salesforce cases

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Setting up your Salesforce integration

Once you Salesforce integration is connected, the next step is to setup the integration in order to get the real-time cases updates.

There are two options available in the integration: "Sandbox mode" and "Enable tickets tagging". When the sandbox mode is turned on, new cases are sent to your Lang project. When the cases tagging is activated, we internally enable our API to start updating the Salesforce cases.

How tags and case fields are updated

In Lang, you can configure what field from your cases will be updated with your tags once it has been analyzed.

In the image below, the project has a tag group named "Reason":

We can edit the group and indicate what field to update in Salesforce. In order to edit a group, move your mouse over the group name and then click on "Edit". This is how the group may be configured: Group

This means that we will be updating the field named "Reason" from Salesforce. Every time a new cases is tagged with any of these tags, that field will be updated. You can create multiple tag groups and map them to other case fields.

Current limitations

We currently have a limitation regarding the Salesforce fields to update. If you are using a "Global Picklist" (an option picker with a fixed list of options), the name of the tag should be configured as a valid option in order for Lang to update the field. Learn more here.

This limitation doesn't apply if the field to be updated is a free text field.

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