Activity Peaks

What are Activity Peaks and how does it work

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Activity Peaks is a feature that proactively informs the customer about activity peaks in their tags. The customer is informed hourly via email (only if we detect that there was a peak of activity) per project with the summary of the peaks of its tags.

This feature provides "real-time" notifications of activity peaks and not so much on tags that have been growing over a longer period of time.

How is it configured: Our system is able to flag relevant activity by proactively providing insights to those subscribed to the email notifications.

How does it look: To adjust the email notifications for activity peaks, you can click into your project, then 'Setup' in the upper right hand corner, then 'Email notifications'.

From there, a member of the Lang team can toggle the activity peaks feature on and off in your project. In order to enable this feature in your project, please reach out to the Lang team.

When activity peaks are toggled to be running, you will have the option to change the minimum number of documents, minimum document volume percentage increase (so 25 means that the minimum volume increase should be at least 25%) and the field where you can input email addresses that should receive the email.

The emails will provide you with activity peaks if detected.

If you have any questions about Activity Peaks, please contact the Platform Success team.

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