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What is Discover and how does it work

Discover is a feature that uses robust machine learning technology to surface new insights from a user’s project(s). These insights are surfacing new and trending Intents from the data as well as proactive automation recommendations. The Intents surfaced can be used for further tag building and the automation recommendations can be used to save up time for each user.

How is it configured

Discover (new intents) is configured in the Setup tab under the Discover section and it can run on a minimum of 400 documents to surface new Intents. To set the threshold, add the preferred number in the field before documents are processed.


The automation recommendations can be configured by setting the threshold for new recommendations in the field before documents. The average time it takes to perform the action can also be set as well as the average cost per agent but they are not mandatory.

How does it look

Once Discover (new intents) is enabled, the new Intents will surface in a similar format as seen below. Users can also subscribe to Discover to get new emails whenever it runs.


When the automation recommendations are enabled, the recommendations will be listed in a similar format as below. Each one will state which tag should be automated and where it can be escalated. If the user completes the additional information for average time per action and average cost per agent, the recommendation will also show the potential savings that can be made.


To have Discover (new intents) or Automation Recommendations enabled for a project, please contact the Platform Success team.

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