Renaming intents 

You can rename an intent by selecting it in the Edit Classifier section and then clicking on its name in the sidebar that is displayed on the left.

Merging intents 

You can merge two or more intents from within the Edit Classifier section. Select two or more intents while holding CTRL/CMD in order to merge them.

Once the merge is done, you can also rename the new intent. By default the name of the new intent is the concatenation of the intents merged

Can I filter things that I don't want?

Yes, we call them stop words, because we won't take them into account when extracting relevant patterns and suggesting smart tags from your data. For instance you may want to exclude "good morning" as a pattern because it's not relevant for you.

Global stop words can be configured in the Settings section. When processing a dataset, it also automatically takes into account possible corpus-based stop words. Those stop words include typical language stop words (articles, prepositions) and company or product names when they are not relevant.

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