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Getting started with Dashboards
Getting started with Dashboards

A way to visualize tagged data with your own KPIs

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Once a project is created, you can access the Dashboard section to analyze the data in a more visual and configurable way, as it allows you to segment the data and use Tags in order to focus on finding the answers you are looking for. 

Note that all the information displayed in the Dashboard is based on your project tags. Make sure to create tags first. You can do that from left sidebar in the Review section.

The information in a dashboard can be segmented in multiple ways:

  • Using metadata

  • Using views with Tags

Dashboard Blocks 

It displays the following data based on the active filters: 

  • An evolution chart (in case the dataset has dates information)

  • The tags distribution, including the growth and evolution from each one of them 

  • A positive/negative growth block with the evolution of the Intents

Configuring the Dashboard views 

Go to Setup - Dashboards section to create and manage your views. Use views to organize your tags based on your analysis objectives.

Selecting metadata fields 

You can use the metadata from your documents to filter your dashboard information. Go to Setup - Metadata to select them. The available filters are the columns of the CSV that was used to generate the project or the metadata that was included in the documents added via API. You can use these filters in all the sections from the dashboard.

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