We realized that scaling customer service organizations have similar needs. They can benefit from automatically tagging their data to structure it and build a structured customer service organization that is ready to scale.

-Trigger alerts for new arising issues
-Smarter routing to specialized agents
-Prioritize response by topic


  • Uses historical data from Zendesk to pull insights and patterns

  • Automatically builds business customized tags based on those patterns

  • Shows all tags to the user who can select which tags to apply

  • Tags ticket in real time in Zendesk

  • Suggests new tags when the pattern changes

How does it help you? 

Structure and increase your data accuracy 

Lang.ai gives clear insight on your data by understanding and tagging tickets based on the entire thread. Data accuracy is increased as all your tickets are tagged and the human error factor removed.

Build automatons and smarter routing 

Lang.ai removes manual processes by helping you route tickets directly to the right agent, perform actions or create automatic answers to tickets.

Update business rules and scalability 

Lang.ai makes changing triggers and automation fast and simple. All tags can be updated from the Lang.ai dashboard preventing long manual labor in Zendesk.

Identify urgent-legal cases 

Lang.ai helps you identify, route and define higher priority to sensitive cases.

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