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Zendesk Support Integration
Why and Zendesk?
What are the customer support problems that solves?
What are the customer support problems that solves?

Examples of customer support use cases

Updated over a week ago helps customer supports solve the following cases:

  • Your agents are manually reading tickets to route or prioritize them which makes it inefficient

  • Your tickets are tagged manually by agents or users, making your data sometimes unreliable

  • A low percentage of your tickets have data making it hard to understand why your customers are contacting you

  • A ticket backlog that is difficult to resolve

  • You have urgent / legal cases you need to identify and solve in priority

  • A lot of time is invested in maintaining your tags as your business evolves

  • Updating your numerous triggers/automations is a challenge

  • You want to reduce your tickets by improving your product

  • Building the initial tagging model for automations or launching a chatbot

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