Your agents are already tagging and you want to build a tag based on the initial tagging system you defined. That way, will save countless hours from your agents.

The best process to do this using is:

  • Inside a project, add your tags in setup->metadata by selecting the field
    For example, in Zendesk, select the field tags and add a name to it

  • Inside a project, click on Search and you'll see the ability on the right to filter by those tags

  • choose the tag you want to replicate in that select and filter by it.

  • On the left-hand part of the screen, you'll see the top intents table. These top intents are dynamic and change based on your search. As you are filtering by a tag, they outline the top intents related to that tag

  • Navigate through the table to see related intents with their own features (if you click on the arrows on the left, you can navigate through the hierarchy

  • Once you see an intent+feature you want to analyze you can filter by it (by clicking on the number of comments on the right of the table) and create a new tag.

  • Once you've created a new tag, you can repeat this process by all of Lang intents/concepts that you want to add inside this tag. 

  • To keep increasing the coverage of the tag, we recommend adding the filter "documents with no tags" together with the initial metadata tag filter. This simple action will filter your tagged tickets to show you only the ones not yet inside the Lang tag you're building. This will be really helpful to understand what new concepts you need to add.

  • The goal when replicating a tag should be that when you filter by your tag and tag that is a replica, the result has a similar amount of documents/tickets or that when you filter your tag with the filter "documents with no tags" the result is almost 0 documents (this means you've made an exact replica)

*Keep in mind the intents on the left don’t represent complex logical rules, so you may need to combine them. Click here to read more.

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