You've been working with the same support tickets for months/years so you know where to start. You want to build your first tag around a specific topic or concept you have in mind. That way, will help you understand what's exactly related to that concept and once you set up the tag, Lang will automatically tag new tickets.

  • Go to Search and search for a keyword inside the intents box (any of these intents and features).

  • If you find relevant intents in your query, they'll be ordered by frequency. Choose the ones you find most relevant and click on them to filter. (If there aren't any relevant ones you can read below*)

  • Check documents/tickets to validate that it was the concept you had in mind.

  • Once you've found it, click on add to tag to create a new tag or add it to an existing one (if you already had one created)

  • In case you're navigating through the intents and they are too broad, read this article to see how to use AND and NOT logical rules with your intents

*While you are searching on the intents box, if there are no relevant results, don't panic. It means the name for those intents doesn't match the concept you had in mind, but there can still be related intents/concepts to include in a tag. In this case, we recommend the following process. 

  • Go to Search and search for a keyword inside the keywords box on the top left

  • On the left-hand part of the screen, you'll see the top intents table. These top intents are dynamic and change based on your search. As you are filtering by a keyword or phrase, they represent the top intents related to that keyword or phrase

  • Navigate through the table to see related intents (if you click on the arrows on the left, you can navigate through the hierarchy

  • Once you detect an intent+feature you want to analyze you can filter by it (by clicking on the number of comments on the right of the table) and create a new tag if it's relevant.

  • Once you've created a new tag, you can repeat this process with all of Lang intents/concepts that you want to add inside this tag. 

  • To keep increasing the coverage of the tag, we recommend adding the filter "documents with no tags" together with the initial keyword search. This simple action will filter the tickets related to your keyword to show you only the ones not yet inside the Lang tag you're building. It will be really helpful to understand what new concepts you need to add.

  • When you filter your keyword/phrase with the filter "documents with no tags" the goal would be to have 0 documents (this means you've adequately covered this concept)

  • You can repeat this to all the concepts you have in mind. In our experience most of them (80-90%) should already be in intents. 

  • In case your concept is not in any tag or has any associated tags you can create a new tag and try to cover it with keyword/intent combinations. Although it's not ideal, it should help you achieve your goal. We are building a functionality that will take into account your searches to create the intent hierarchy and help you even more in this process.

*Keep in mind the intents on the left don’t represent complex logical rules so you may need to combine them. Click here to read more. 

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