Why stopwords are useful

While we automatically take into account possible corpus-based stopwords, it's still possible to manually include stopwords to improve the generation of Concepts for the project. You can include stopwords in the Settings section.

How do they work

Stopwords helps the algorithm to:

1) Omit words from being used to generate Concepts, like noisy terms that doesn't add useful information for you.

2) Give more importance to the topics around the stopword itself. For example, if we include "insurance" as a stopword, we will be giving more importance to the words and context around this term.

Behind the scenes the stopwords are treated as lemmas, meaning that all the different forms from a word will be taken into account. For example, adding "build" will also include other forms like "building" or "built".

Keep in mind that stopwords are only considered when creating a project. Changing the stopwords will not have any effect on projects that are already created. Make sure to have your stopwords configured before creating your project.

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