Creating and using global projects

How to re-use tags across projects for speed and consistency

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When you have multiple projects that may have tags in common, many problems may pop up if you create the tags manually for each one of them:

  • Inneficiency: Tags need to be created from scratch every single time. This can add a huge overhead.

  • Tagging Inconsistency: A tag from one of the other projects may be created by another person, which can lead to inconsistencies for a tag with the same name but from different projects.

  • Sub-optimal Tags: Tags are created by using data from a single, short-scoped project, instead of leveraging data from multiple projects and their contexts.

Using Global Projects can help you avoid the problems mentioned above by allowing you to create tags once and share them across multiple projects.

Follow these steps to get the most of them:

1) Create a global project

You can create a global project by checking the option "Create as a global project" when creating a project. In the projects list, global projects with be marked with a special icon.

2) Link a new project to an existing global project

Once a global project is created, a new option "Linked global project" is displayed in the project creation form. Select the global project from which you want to import and sync the tags.

The imported tags will be displayed in a group called "Global tags". You may rename or move these tags to another group.

3) Update tags in the global project

Once a global project is linked to another project, all the changes in the tags will also happen in the linked project. Creating, updating, or deleting tags will be reflected upon confirmation.

Keep in mind that global tags can only be edited from within the global project.


What is a linked project?

A linked project is a project where the tags from a global one have been imported and synced. One global project can have many linked projects, sharing all the tags with them.

Can I use Intents from a global project in a linked project?

Yes, the Intents discovered in the global project are available to use in the linked project.

Can I link a project with multiple global projects?

This is currently not possible.

Can I remove some linked tags from my project?

It's not possible to remove or edit tags in order to make them specific for one linked project. These modifications can only be done in the global project, and the changes will apply to all the linked projects.

Once a project is linked to a global project, can this link be changed?

This is currently not possible.

What happens if the same Intent is found in both the global and the linked project?

These Intents may have some small differences, but both of them will be available to use in the linked project.

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