Using Draft Tags

Test your tags before applying them live

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Draft Tags allows you to test your tags before they are applied through the API or our Salesforce or Zendesk integration. By creating a draft tag, you will be able to see (only inside your project) what documents would have been classified if the tag was live with the advantage of not applying any change to your Salesforce or Zendesk tickets.

How to enable Draft Tags

Draft Tags are available by default in Salesforce and Zendesk projects that have enabled the tickets tagging option:

To activate Draft Tags in projects that are not created from Salesforce or Zendesk you will need to mark the project as live. You can do this by going to Setup - Integrations section and clicking on "Set the project Live".

Creating a draft tag

In live projects, new tags will be created as draft tags by default. Once a draft tag is created, there are multiple options available. See below for more information.

Setting tags as draft

Setting a tag as draft will stop the tag from being applied in new tickets or documents that are being processed. The tag will only be displayed inside your project.

Setting tags as active

You may want to start by creating a draft tag to test how its configuration is working and, after checking how it works, decide to set it as active to start applying it in your integration.

Duplicating tags as draft

This feature is useful to test changes to a tag that is already active. By duplicating the tag as draft, you can make changes with no impact. After you are happy with the changes, you can set the tag as active and remove the one you previously duplicated.

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