Sharing the Dashboard

Ways to share tagged data with others

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The platform offers two options to share the Dashboard:

  1. Exporting via CSV

  2. Sharing via URL

How to Export the CSV

The tagged data can be exported throughout the dashboard by clicking on the download icon on the upper right corner of the chart. The downloaded CSV will appear in a similar format as the one below.

The CSV highlights the tagged data by listing the date, the name of the tag, the number of documents tagged and the percentage. Customized visuals can also be created from the CSV to reflect company branding.

How to Share the URL

The Dashboard URL can be shared by copying and pasting the link to the recipient. The URL can also be added to a presentation or a departmental email blast. To give a recipient access to the Dashboard, create a user role for them by clicking on the Admin tab and Create User.


Why do I need to create a user for every recipient that needs access to my Dashboard?

This is for security purposes. To learn more about's security measures and protocols please click here.

Will sharing the URL save the filters I have in place for the Dashboard?

Yes! The recipient will see the filters in place for the Dashboard once the URL is shared.

What customization options are available?

The Dashboard can be customized by creating different views in the Setup tab or by using the metadata as filters. Customized visuals can also be created by exporting the tagged data via CSV.

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