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Importing your Salesforce cases
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Create a project based on your cases

Once you have successfully connected with Salesforce, you can create your first project by importing your Salesforce cases. Click on Create Project > Start from Salesforce to get started.

Selecting which cases to import

Start be selecting the case types that you want to use to create the project. These cases will be imported and will be used as a base for our algorithm to discover what these documents are talking about. Based on this analysis, Intents will be created so you can use them in your tags. In a few words, they will be used to create your classifier.

The cases you select will be the ones that will be saved, analyzed and tagged in real time once you enable this. By default, creating a project won't change anything in your Salesforce instance.

Selecting which fields to analyze

In this step you will need select which field/s of your cases should be analyzing to classify them. It's common to analyze the "Description" field, but you may want to include more fields like "Subject" if the relevant information is found there. Selecting multiple fields will concatenate them.

If you want to import all cases without filtering by case type, just leave the field empty.

Selecting the date range to import

Lastly, select the date range that you want to import. Take into account that the best projects are the ones with a good representation of what you will be tagging. Projects with up to 50k cases generate good Intents that can be used in your tags. Keep in mind that projects can be created with up to 200k cases.

To begin the project creation click on the "Import Cases" button. This process may take a while depending the number and length of the cases imported.

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