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Enabling Open AI Features
Enabling Open AI Features
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This is the list of features that leverage OpenAI to enrich their insights. Please note that these features are not available by default. To enable these features, go to Settings > Open AI Features.

By default, we do not send PII (Personally Identifiable Information) to Open AI as we pre-process the data before it is sent. Open AI helps us improve the features mentioned below by using them in combination with our own AI models. Additionally, a zero data retention policy is applied, meaning no data is stored by OpenAI after it is processed.

For customers for whom we act as HIPAA Business Associates, we are pleased to announce that we have signed a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with OpenAI. This agreement enables us to bring advanced features to healthcare organizations of all sizes.

Current features enriched by Open AI:

  • Summary Section: Get weekly automatic insights with no effort.

  • Sentiment Score: Understand what customer are talking negatively about.

  • Reply GPT: Reply suggestions to help you automate replies.

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