Using the API

Technical details of our API to classify any data in real time

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Note: If you want to connect with Zendesk, we recommend using our built-in integration.

Our API can be used to analyze and save new documents into a project. This way it's possible to connect a third-party platform to your project in and get all the benefits from our Dashboards in real time.

Passing metadata

The documents passed to the API may have a metadata property that can include any extra field that can be useful to gather aggregated insights in the project's dashboard. As an example, you may want to pass information additional information for a document like the channel, assignee, brand, etc.

The API exposes multiple endpoints. You can find the full API documentation in


Does the API work in real time?

Yes. You can query our API with a given text and get a response with the analysis in less than a second.

What is the API response?

The API returns an array of Intents and tags. For further details, check our API reference.

Can I have one document classified by many Intents or tags?

A text may be classified with none, one, or multiple Intents or tags at the same time.

Does the API returns the sentiment analysis of my request message?

We currently don’t support sentiment analysis in the API response. Intents may contain sentiment information if the context is relevant enough.

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