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How to use metadata as filters

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Metadata in the platform can be used as filters in the Review, Search, and Dashboard section of the platform.

Importing Metadata to the Platform

Specific metadata for a project can be imported to the platform by going to Create Project in the Projects tab. The drop-down menu allows the user to start from a dataset, Zendesk or Salesforce. Selecting Salesforce displays the Metadata drop-down menu where the user can select the fields they would like to import.

Using Metadata in the Review tab

Metadata in the Review tab filters the data in the classifier. These filters can be used separately or simultaneously when an option is selected.

Using Metadata in the Search Tab

Metadata in the Search tab filters documents tagged with the same metadata field. This is helpful for replicating a tag system in Zendesk or a case management system in Salesforce. To learn more about how to replicate a tag in the platform please click here.

Using Metadata in the Dashboard

Metadata in the Dashboard can be used to see different Views through a more specific lens. This allows the user to filter the Dashboard through a specific channel, team, or other form of metadata.

To learn more about how to customize the Dashboard please click here.


How do I choose what metadata from my project is visible?

Metadata can be edited or removed from a project by clicking on the Setup tab and Metadata.

How is the metadata selected from my Zendesk platform?

The Zendesk platform automatically chooses the metadata that will be imported to Lang.

How is the metadata selected from my CSV file?

The metadata from a CSV file is generated by the columns.

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