Understanding the Classifier

Features of the Classifier explained

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The Classifier in the Review tab displays all of the Intents that were categorized into clusters in the Lang platform. It has many features that include the detail level, the visualization and the cluster/Intent list.

Detail Level

The detail level in the Classifier changes the amount of Intents that are displayed in the visualization at once. High displays the most amount of Intents, low displays the least and medium is the balance between the two. The detail level can also be used for analytical purposes if the visualization needs to be changed.


The Classifier visualization highlights the Intents generated and how they were used in the tags created. The visualization of the Classifier can be changed by clicking on the drop-down arrow to the right.

Cluster/Intent List

The Cluster and Intent list displays all of the Intents that were generated in a list format. The standard view highlights the Intent/Cluster hierarchy while the plain view layers the Intents together. The Intents listed under a hierarchy can be viewed by clicking on the drop-down arrow to the left of the cluster/Intent.


Can Clusters/Intents be removed after a project is created?

Clusters/Intents cannot be altered or removed after a project is created. However, stop words can be added to an account prior to project creation to improve the Cluster/Intent generation. To learn more about stop words at Lang.ai please click here.

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